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Self- Service Bays

The self-service bays feature a 10 foot door clearance making it easy for a variety of uses. We have had commercial trailers, race trailers, pontoon boats, septic trucks, tow trucks, UTV's, ATV's, lifted trucks, and just about anything that needs to be pressure washed in our self-service bays. The only thing that we ask is you clean out any heavy mud and debris BEFORE entering the wash bays. Any heavy messes left after a customer is not courteous to the next user. Our self-service bays also accept credit cards to make it more convenient for all your washing needs. 

The self-service bays are also heated for your convenience during the winter months utilizing an in-ground heating system​. We ask that you keep the bay doors closed at all times when it is cold out and to make sure you close the doors when you leave.


Touchless AutoWash

The Touchless AutoWash has a 7 foot door clearance and features the Newest Mark VII AquaJet In Bay Autowash machine. We have four wash packages to choose from starting at just $6.00 for the Pit Stop and our top Champion package features the undercarriage, wheel jet blasters, bug and salt blaster, Ceramic Rain, Tri-Foam Wax and Spot-Free Rinse for only $12.00. The big bad blowers will dry your vehicle as you sit and wait. The only thing you need to do is if you have a TRUCK with an open bed, you MUST make sure you do not have anything left in the bed. Leaves, sticks, bottles, cans, bags, rocks, pea gravel, tow straps.. ANYTHING will become a projectile and will blow out of the bed of your truck and become a hazard. WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES THAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOUR VEHICLE. 


We have two Vacuum islands with four Super Vac's that feature LED canopies that light up at dusk. Each island also has a Tee Pee floor mat holder and trash bin for your convivence. The Tee Pee floor mat holders make vacuuming your floor mats even easier!​


Our Vending area has many products to choose from most starting at just $1.00

Air Fresheners

Microfiber Towels

Blue Magic Glass Cleaner

Armor All Protectant


Champion's Air Fresheners are now available in our Vending area! For $1.00 you can be Clean-N-Fresh all year round! 

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